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    Energy Monitor and Automation Installation




    Energy Monitor and Smart Home Automators installations are performed by our qualified technicians.




    Whole home main electric panel

    Sub panels

    One or multiple appliances

    More than 20% energy savings can be accomplished by just knowing where your energy is going.

    Our energy monitors include software for your computer to graph history and trends, peak daily use, weekly or monthly use.  Data can be compared to your utility bill!

    Call for prices today! Monitors range from simple to  sophisticated depending on your application.




    The Energy Detective Energy Monitors offer a unique ability to monitor your electricity usage while its happening.  Computer software is included for most monitors to track history such as peak hourly, weekly and monthly data.



    Earth Energy Solutions now offers Savant Home Automation.

     Call or click today to find out more about Savant Home Automation with our Earth Energy Solutions expert installers.